A creatively-minded experiential & music marketer.

A crafter of imaginative and impactful strategies and campaigns.

Creator of bespoke, award-winning experiences for major global brands & musicians.

I drive success in experiential and music marketing for businesses and artists.




With 20 years executing experiential and music marketing campaigns globally, and as a music fan, I combine a deep understanding of the industry with an innate empathy for audiences. I deliver a thoughtful and informed strategic vision.

I take you on an adventure, with a unique skill for making wild ideas hold hands beautifully with marketing objectives. Concepts are imaginative, attract attention, and connect with the target audience.



Bringing stories to life through consumer journey, visual aesthetic & stimulation of the senses, all with a meticulous attention to detail. My experiences are curated to deliver maximum promotion and shareability.



With decades of experience producing across digital and live, I draw on a wealth of knowledge, contacts, and understanding of the global event industry to create experiential concepts that are rooted in reality.

Case Studies.



Sounds Like.

Strategic vision for an interactive playlist builder tool, repurposed across multiple global marketing campaigns.


Frontline Release.

Strategy, concept & execution of Spotify's artist experiential program, now running for 7 years.



EU-wide festival strategy & campaign for a white-label app integration with EU & US festivals, with millions of streams.

conceptual creative

Ed Sheeran

The Butterfly.

An English country pub serving Sunday Roast in NYC, hosted by Ed to bring his fans together as "Equals".

Kacey Musgraves

Simple Times Machine.

A time machine taking fans back to Kacey's personal teenage years by recreating her 90s world.


Garden of Hope.

A garden emerging from urban decay amid the NY skyscrapers to tell the story of "High as Hope".

experience design

Harry Styles

Harry's House

A new format for an immersive album listening experience based on a deconstructed house.

The Billie Eilish Experience.

Award-winning multi-sensory album track-by-track, in collaboration with the artist.

Justin Bieber

House of Changes.

A custom t-shirt factory in a skate park with immersive album storytelling experiences.

Work with me.

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Images: Spotify / Happy Monday / Alfredo Flores / Just Jared